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I, Erica Chemolli, was born at Riva Del Garda, Trentino Italy. At age twenty I started working as a waitress at a first class restaurant on Lake Garda. Then I became the manager, a sommelier and co-owner. However, I had higher ambitions, so I hired more help that allowed me to find the time to study and graduate in psychology at the University of Trento. I believe that the combination of energy and determination intertwined with creativity and will power is the secret of success. The fascinating experience in the restaurant, where one meets and interacts with interesting people, changed my life. It was through this unique experience that I realized my calling: Food and Wine!

Unfortunately, in November 2007, I went through the nightmarish experience of losing my mother, killed by a drunken driver while she was on her way to pick me up. This experience taught me a lot about life and the necessity to move on with a positive survival attitude regardless of circumstances. I describe myself as an erupting volcano with unbound energy. Walt Disney’s motto, "if you can dream it, you can do it" is my inspiration. I strongly believe that perseverance and determination are omnipotent as Calvin Coolidge used to say. Among the many interesting patrons of my restaurant was Larry Pisoni, who toward the end of 2008 visited my restaurant with his wife, Carol. Impressed by my immediate adaptation to vegetarian dishes accompanied by the proper wine, they became steady customers. Subsequently, I decided to go on to other experiences by contacting Larry to inquire if there were opportunities for me in Miami FL, where he was living. I obtained a H1 visa that allowed me to live, work and, yes, pay taxes in the US. Together with Larry whom I consider as my mentor, we founded M2canDo, LLC in June 2012. We immediately got a contract for supplying food products to the commissaries. We now operate both in the American military commissaries in Europe and in the US..

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